Lady of the Fountain is now available! 

Yay!!! is all i can say!!!

My newest album Lady of the Fountain, is sitting on my dining room table ready to be mailed off for distribution and is available here in my Music Store -

A digital download of the album is also available here, and on CD Baby. They should have my CD available by the end of next week, and well me, i have them now! yay!!!

For those that might be curious, this recording is a little different for me, though i've still tried to capture the wind outside my window, adding bells and trinkets of wind chimes ha! - this time i've added keyboards, mountain dulcimer and a bit of harp, as well as touches of percussion. 

Two tracks are Welsh folk songs and the other six tracks i have written. The title track is based upon a wondrous story from the Welsh Mabinogion; there's a song inspired by the beloved story of Lady Joan and Prince Llewelyn ap Iorwerth; there's a song for the woodland animals partly recorded in the hemlock woods while spending hours watching them from my favorite spot or from the music room window; there's a song of hope and shedding off that winter darkness, a song for Avalon, where many of us have dreamed before; and finally, a poem/song that reaches out across my thoughts, down paths of unknown canvas, wondering where it will take me ;)  

There were two more tracks so close to being done that i had planned to add to the album, but my hands were a bit too sore with RA to rush and finish them the way that i wanted to, so i decided to add them to the next recording instead, where 4 songs of legends and enchantment are in various stages, patiently waiting. Now for me to do the same ;)



  • Dennis Faye
    Dennis Faye Jacksonville, Fl.
    Can't wait to get a copy Jodee, hope to see you in 2018!!

    Can't wait to get a copy Jodee, hope to see you in 2018!!

  • Jodee
    Hi Dennis! Thanks - will be great to see you!!

    Hi Dennis! Thanks - will be great to see you!!

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