Happy May!

May 1, 2019 - Here it is May again and almost a year since last I wrote - wow! I hesitated to mention on here that lyme put me out of sorts for awhile but realise now how important it is to share chronic lyme sagas for it seems so misunderstood and downplayed. It's been two years this month since it hit me and though so much better than i was a year ago, there are days I still struggle with playing guitar or hobbling around with my energy level too low to think, but again, that has been happily changing. 

In the middle of it all i have moved to a totally lovely place (i can't stop looking out the window at every tree and bird) and am still unpacking - somewhere in a mountain of things are my computer mixing speakers. i have several new songs recorded and am anxious to get back to the new album.

My sincere apologies to those that have written and have yet to hear back - I've been gradually catching up but would love to hear from you again. Here's wishing you a wonderful summer season xxx 

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