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July 20, 2019 - Here i am catching up again -

i'm writing this during a beautiful sunshower - getting ready to rush out and catch the rainbow :) Now that i found my mixing speakers (they were tucked away after a recent move) i've been back to working on a few songs - one about Blodeuwedd, another about the Fairy Tree I often visited back where I used to live ;) and a newer one about the creek/river that runs not far from the house here. It's too hot to record these days without ac noise but mornings are perfect for sitting outside and playing music.

I took a leap and booked my first gig in what feels like ages (almost two years) for my lyme disease thing seems to be pretty much under control - and if i dare to think it, i'm even thinking it might be going away! Too early to tell but what a difference it makes getting back to normal. At the top of my healing list are Cat's claw, Chinese Skullcap, Sarsaparilla, Curcumin, Hawthorn, an array of essential oils and though this list could go on and on, I believe it's especially healing to spend the early-waking up part of your day outside <3 And prayers of course - that's always good. I appreciate all the kind thoughts and emails. It's helped a lot :) 

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and you're enjoying your summer/winter! xxx

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