October, 2019 - Hello, my favorite month is here and it's been some lovely misty mornings across the changing colors and frosty fields. Makes for some wonderful walks and daydreaming by the window ;)

After six weeks of hibernation, the guitar is back out today - and i'm anxious to play through some new songs, hoping to share them soon. I'm still having trouble with lyme - just when I thought it was leaving after a busy symptom-free summer, i'm back to having constant flare ups, especially affecting my arms and hands. I put off playing guitar and recording (though I did get several guitar parts done for the CD back in August, yay) and began focusing on filling in lyrics and writing - that in itself has been a solice to me. 

Here's wishing you a blessed autumn season, a colorful heart, a spiced up day and if you prefer, only smiling pumpkins ;-)




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