1. The Dove

Based on the traditional Welsh folk song, Y Glommen. Special thank you's to Gina Tlamsa (flute); Tom Lenahan (percussion); Don Jennings (lead guitar) and Dynamike (bass). From the CD "Two Shores", 2005.


Y Glommen (The Dove)

As I walked out one May morning
So pleasantly among the trees
There I spied a dove complaining
Lamenting for her own true love
What shall I do?

A nesu wnes yn nes i wrando
Beth oedd y gangen ferch yn gwyno
A nesu wnes a gofyn iddi
o gentlest dove, o fairest one
what is your hardship?

O gentle dove don’t be complaining
The sun will surely rise again
And when it does the trees will blossom
You remember well when summer comes
It brings the hawks to roam

There by the trees I heard the dove
Complaining for her own true love
There on her neck i saw the bells
Golden ones where long ago
My own two arms were

Oh long ago, many a time
I held her in my arms

Lle bu’n faith
Do lawer gwaith
Fy nwy fraich innau