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"If i could sound like anything it would be the wind and sky, maybe a bit of waterfall and craggy places"

Welcoming Winter - Digital album for download 

i decided to put together a few winter songs i've recorded over the years, some recorded live, others in corners of the music room, with the snowy wind for inspiration. Winter is my favorite time of year - actually it rivals with autumn, but still winter seems to always win out in my heart. i love the mystery of winter, the way it becomes the still, stark dream time, when all the roots and branches seem to be emptiest and forgotten, when in actuality they are thriving and flourishing with rebirth. And so born is Welcoming Winter - i hope it takes the chill off your busy thoughts x

It's available here 


Lady of the Fountain is now available!  

Yay!!! is all i can say!!!

My newest album Lady of the Fountain, is sitting on my dining room table ready to be mailed off for distribution and is available here in my Music Store -

A digital download of the album is also available here, and on CD Baby. They should have my CD available by the end of next week, and well me, i have them now! yay!!!

For those that might be curious, this recording is a little different for me, though i've still tried to capture the wind outside my window, adding bells and trinkets of wind chimes ha! - this time i've added keyboards, mountain dulcimer and a bit of harp, as well as touches of percussion. 

Two tracks are Welsh folk songs and the other six tracks i have written. The title track is based upon a wondrous story from the Welsh Mabinogion; there's a song inspired by the beloved story of Lady Joan and Prince Llewelyn ap Iorwerth; there's a song for the woodland animals partly recorded in the hemlock woods while spending hours watching them from my favorite spot or from the music room window; there's a song of hope and shedding off that winter darkness, a song for Avalon, where many of us have dreamed before; and finally, a poem/song that reaches out across my thoughts, down paths of unknown canvas, wondering where it will take me ;)  

There were two more tracks so close to being done that i had planned to add to the album, but my hands were a bit too sore with RA to rush and finish them the way that i wanted to, so i decided to add them to the next recording instead, where 4 songs of legends and enchantment are in various stages, patiently waiting. Now for me to do the same ;)


October 2017 -  

Finally, yay!! the CD (Lady of the Fountain) is done!!  i've been working on the CD booklet and finished the cover today...for the most part anyway. Also posted the first track of the CD, Titrwm Tatrwm/Hiraeth, here on my music page. i'll be setting up a store soon for downloads - hope to be back before too long with more info - meanwhile off to visit the pine woods, salt air and craggy places  x

May almost June ~ 

i have come to the conclusion i am terrible at blogging. All the while it looks like i've shrunk into the mist, but i've been here, busy away, still settling in, unpacking books, enjoying the greenery and finally feeling like i'm home. Meanwhile i've gotten four songs close to a final mix (Melangell, Summer Garden, Where Will It? and Lady Joan), ones i've written, as well as a new version of the Welsh folksong Titrwm Tatrwm. Anxious for next week - and a space of time to get back to it. See you in June x

Hello Spring ~ 

Months later almost moved in ~ this sure is the longest move yet but we're finally settling in. Got recording gear unpacked and put back up vocals, in addition to the other songs i sing, on the upcoming Dragonfyre CD - can't wait to hear the finished product. David Rich is doing a great job with it. Soon i hope to pull out my half done tracks and get back to my album.....just need to catch up on stacking wood, unpacking more kitchen and finding the bedroom ;)

Hello 2016 

Started the new year with a recent move. Wow, it's been a busy couple months packing and setting up but the music room is almost done - and that means soon i'll find my way back to working on my CD - yay!

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Jodee James/Welsh Winter Holiday Performance

Storrowton Tavern, West Springfield, MA

WELSH WINTER HOLIDAY PERFORMANCE Welsh American folk performer Jodee James will perform a Celtic winter holiday program at the Welsh Society of Western New England’s annual Christmas Holiday luncheon on Saturday, December 2 at the Storrowton Tavern, West Springfield, MA. In this performance, Jodee will sing songs of the winter solstice, Christmas carols, New Year's traditions and the Wales’ mysterious Mari Lywd. A singer-songwriter with a passion for folklore since a child, Jodee performs both traditional and original songs with guitar and vocals, many based on Welsh legends or heritage. The songs are in English and Welsh, and she explains the background and context of the stories. Jodee has performed in concert venues, festivals, colleges, and cultural events from Maine to Florida. Luncheon tickets must be purchased in advance (available Nov 1): $33 for guests, $31 for Welsh Society of Western New England members. For more info please contact before November 2, 2017.

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