"If i could sound like anything it would be the wind and sky, maybe a bit of waterfall and craggy places"”

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A singer-songwriter with a passion for folklore since childhood, Jodee performs both traditional and original songs, many based on Welsh legends and heritage. With a timeless blend of originality and a voice both soothing and touching, Jodee supports her mark in today’s Celtic music scene. Nobles, shepherds, lovers and dreamers, birds as messengers and inspiring heroes, all come to life in Jodee’s music - making a unique musical journey ~


Jodee lives in North central Pennsylvania with husband Phil Evans, kitty Gwennie and lots of neighboring chickens ;)


Lady of the Fountain – Celtic Beat album review – Dec 2017

For a prolonged period of time and indeed in the midst of many upheavals and changes over the past seven years, Jodee James has put together this latest CD where her own personal world meets ancient legend and myth. In a voice which has wonderful range and eloquence, reminding me at points of the singer Blossom Dearie. Jodee’s album can only be called heartfelt.


As to myth and legend, Jodee reaches back to both the personal and the archetypical in the title cut Lady of the Fountain. All The Way To Avalon is also in this vein. Jodee waxes powerful, tragic, and under-standing in the heart wrenching Lady Joan about the sad retelling of one of history’s original mixed marriages. A total traditional cut in Welsh is Titrwm Tatrwn/Hiraeth.


This CD was created with love, which you will know upon hearing this. And it goes from the above noted cuts to a wonderful Bless The Creatures so very in the spirit of that monk who once defied Maelgwyn Gwynedd to the personal world of Jodee James, where there are love songs whether dedicated to a loved one as in Where Will It? or Summer Garden. Jodee has here in both song writing and in the rendition, eloquence and the eloquence of what is said and what is not.


My own favorite is the combined Welsh/English Ar Lan y Mor. So strong, so basic in its statement about the necessity of love for soul to animate anything at all. It says so much using so little so wonderfully. AK


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