Jodee James

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Melangell, the patron saint of hares and small animals, has always been near to my heart. It's said that Melangell came from Ireland to Wales sometime in the 7th century and lived a life of seclusion with the wildlife of Cwm Pennant, seeking shelter and solitude. One day Brochwel, a prince of what is now Powys, Wales, was out hunting with his dogs when they began to chase a rabbit, suddenly, the dogs stopped abruptly, and there before them was a small hare running to take shelter in Melangell’s cape. So touched by this, Brochwel granted her the valley to keep as her safe haven. Later, as an abbess, she founded a community of women where her memory and love of hares, often referred to as “Melangell’s lambs”, continues today. In the remote little church that stands in remembrance, there’s a 15th century oak screen carving telling her story. My mom painted this picture maybe twenty years ago or more, and it’s as special to me as if I was standing there today xxx

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