1. Where Will It?

From the recording Album - Lady of the Fountain

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Inspired by a walk behind our old cabin, where hemlocks were filled with diamonds and wonderment followed in all directions.


Where Will It?

The wind blew the sparkles off the trees early
The woods are so noisy when the sky so blue
The branches are creaking and steadily moving
I can hear the whole forest sound on the hill
The ice hung like earrings and bells ever floating
A cross the water in the air so thin
Oh, maybe it’s trinkets of wonder and bevels
Folding the day, traveling away

Where will it? Where will it? Where will it take me?

Sometimes I feel like there’s no returning
Back to the place I’ve always been to before
And sometimes the wind blows brittle and shatters
Sometimes it finds me asking for more
And my eyes on the window for more than an hour
I push back the chair and let the day go
My reflection is worn like the thoughts that I carry
They drip like a candle on my grandmother’s words

You are my star, you are the shining colors
you are my cap of four winds
Your footsteps grow deeper, your words ever sweeter
Destiny calling, here I begin
And I watch and i follow
The stream made of crystal and I forfeit my way back again
What the miles collect as we cross over bridges
Wide open canvas in the palm of our hands.
copyright 2017 Jodee James