From the recording Album - Lady of the Fountain

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A Welsh folk tale found in both the ancient White book of Rhydderch and Red Book of Hergest associated with the Mabinogion. The hero is Owain, a beloved knight in King Arthur's court. In the story itself, there's a ring of protection, a lion that befriends him, a giant, and a series of quests before living happily ever after with the Lady of the Fountain. i'm singing the song as her handmaid Luned.


Lady of the Fountain

A shining vision is the lady of the fountain
All in gold as she appears that day
Never was one so lovely
Never was one so fair of face

What did you know? And how did you lose it?
And where are you to hide my fears
I gave to you in all good intention
Now it’s lost in crystal years

She looks into the mirror’s face
She asks herself how could he stay away?
Twelve months have turned times three
In Arthur’s court he hides from me

So I went and I called his name
Oh I said to him “Give back the ring,
Give back the vow you made
For your lady weeps, the kingdom fades”

And all around the willow tree
He’s hiding now he can’t believe
How could he lose the lady fair?
How could he lose the love they share?

Three women found him lying there
His clothes are torn, the leaves dried in his hair
They bring him back with gifts of herbs
They bring him back to dream of her

And now he’s wise, his mind is strong
And he hears in the wind that something’s wrong
He hears my pleas through hidden walls,
And he can hear his lady call

I’m only Luned the handmaiden
But I tell the story of my faithful friend
With sword and lance he defends
He has won our trust again

Keep the ring in your hand child
Hold the ring in your hand child
Hold the ring in your hand

Words and music, copyright Jodee james