Words and Music copyright Jodee James


Oh the season is merry
And the season is bright
With the birth of the sun
And the return of light
But the very best present
I ever received
Was the return of my love
On our Christmas three

We met on spring’s eve
Before the white flowers bloomed
And we thought we’d be married
By the second year’s June
But before we were married
He was sent off to sea
And he promised to return
By our Christmas three

The others were walking
the streets as they strolled
Hand and hand in the evening
Through their Sundays they’d go
That first winter and next
I did hide my sad plea
And I waited and counted
For Christmas three

Oh the wind it was blowing
Through the waves as they danced
I could see off the shore
A bold ship sailing in
I did fly through the air
No ground beneath me
As I ran to my sweetheart
on Christmas three

Now my daughter is grown
And she carries her dream
In the eyes of a lad
who must serve for this land
But she knows in my words
A hopeful relief
He’ll return back again
There’ll be Christmas three