From the recording The Witches of Llanddona


A boat it was seen adrift in the sea
In turbulent days of hidden ways
And oh it was told that this boat it was full
Of mysterious women from Scandinavian shore

CH: Oh the Witches of Llanddona of Anglesey
You best watch what you do, you best watch what you say
Don't turn them away when they beg at your door
Don't refuse what they want when they come back for more

And try as you may to chase them away
They just race up the slopes to a higher place
Where the rocks cover all and shadows do crawl
Across generations to next, their power's the best
And one with such power was the witch Bela Fawr
She's descended in fear, the great witch of them all


Oh i'll tell of a man and how wise he did stand
Up to witch Bela Fawr, Goronwy ap Tudor's his name
For he knew of such things and the illusion it brings
He saw Bela transformed like a hare stealing milk from his cow
so he shot at her there
Now homeward she ran from the gun in his hand,
with a terrible groan from the wound in her leg she swore was his fate


Bela sought her revenge with parchment and pen
And by tossing his name in the cursing well
He felt the spell hit his bones,
he hobbled to where wild witches' butter grows
He stuck pins in that fungus,
he called out her name three times time three
And this caused her such pain such pain she'd exchange
her spell lifted for his, Oh blessed be Goronwy for all times’ sake