From the recording Hen Ferchetan (Old Maiden)

Spent the day playing new songs and listening to old ones :) This was recorded way back when (2003?) in the old house in Hackettstown, NJ during one of our rehearsals. It's the tale of a spinster trying so hard to find a mate. Finally she meets Sion Prys and her heart goes leaping :)

A hug and big thank you to Lesl Harker on flute and Dave Leszczynski on udu drum. The stable loft artwork is by my mom. The melody and first verse are traditional Welsh. Additional verses (originally all in Welsh) by Enid Parry. For lyrics, click on the info button to the right of the song - thank you for listening xxx


Hen Ferchetan (Old Maiden)

Old maiden has lost her lover
She still trying hard to find another
Hen ferchetan wedi colli’i chariad
Cael un arall, dyna oedd ei bwriad

Old maiden has lost her lover
She’s still trying to find another
But not one of the village laddies
Will ever marry Lisa Fach yr Hendre

Wearing ribbons, wearing makeup
She’s still trying to find her true love
Though there is one for every some one
There’s no one for Lisa Fach yr Hendre

Old maiden her heart is breaking
All the lovers going to get married
Apple trees will grow potatoes
Before Lisa will find a lover

Old maiden went to Bala Fair
Saw Sian Prys, a pretty droll lad there
He had some words with her on the way home
O how Lisa’s heart is leaping
Gododd galon Lisa fach yr Hendre
Gododd galon Lisa fach yr Hendre
Gododd galon Lisa fach yr Hendre